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Pope resigns

We will miss Joseph Ratzinger, but the Church goes on

Cardinal Peter Turkson (PA)

The dancing in the streets would last for months

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As Benedict XVI begins his own private journey of prayer, we too should give time for Eucharistic Adoration

Benedict XVI makes his first public appearance since his abdication announcement (Photo: PA)

We are moving into uncharted territory: the next few weeks are going to be difficult to live through

Pope Benedict XVI will leave the papal seat empty on February 28 (Photo: CNS)

Benedict XVI has left the Church with a rich body of teaching and a shining example in humility and steadfastness

Pope resigns

Must we endure the ‘experts’ on Catholicism?

Mideast Israel Wartime Pope

A new book re-evaluates Pius XII and the Holocaust

Benedict XVI blesses the faithful at yesterday's Angelus (AP)

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Ten Commandments Monument

Virtuous atheism is not enough

Alain de Botton’s intentions are noble, but his quest for 10 Commandments for Atheists is fruitless

Cardinal Timothy Dolan  (CNS)

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