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Unlike the people of Gozo, we have neglected St George

The Bible is not simply one of the finest achievements of our culture; it is also the word of God

Of course it doesn’t quite achieve what only a religious understanding can deliver: all the same, nearly all human life is there

Lord Williams’s comments highlight how Christians are on the back foot in this country

Today’s Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady will poke the consciences of practising Catholics

There have also been scandals implied about some of those he has appointed: the truth of these has been denied by his spokesman, but the gossip persists

Popular secular psychology has infiltrated and usurped traditional Catholic spirituality on how we should regard the human person

Is it ever right to commit such violence?

Two English Bridgettines exemplified how Jews were not merely hidden in religious houses: they were also nurtured and profoundly respected as Jews

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