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Gay Marriage Amendment

Is it too late to save marriage?

The census showed a disturbing trend away from the institution

The Union Flag unfurled. Soon Britons won't be able to agree on anything (Photo: PA)

The Guardian says that traditional English identity is disappearing. What will replace it?

US bishops look over documents at a meeting in Baltimore (Photo: CNS)

The bureaucratisation of the hierarchy has left the Church rudderless and ineffective

Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth (Mazur/

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Opinion poll

The Government has handled this issue extraordinarily badly

The Fathers of the Second Vatican Council could not have foreseen how the Church would change (Photo: CNS)

The shedding of institutional structures and the diminishing number of priests could, in fact, be liberating

Benedict XVI is framed by a Christmas tree during yesterday's Angelus (AP)

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Iraq Attack Michigan Rally

Christian influence in Parliament is now so weak that we have to find new ways to defend the persecuted faithful


And The Godfather cycle is the greatest Catholic movie of all time

Pro-life protestors at a vigil in Dublin

A deeply pious and conformist Catholic country has become a secular one