Wed 22nd Oct 2014 | Last updated: Wed 22nd Oct 2014 at 16:13pm

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Protester urges the Pope: ‘Drop the Filioque!’

One humorous punter had a banner which even the Pope might have enjoyed

The ‘People’s Pope’ made one thing clear: he wants an empowered laity

The Popemobile goes through the crowds at Hyde Park (Photo: PA)

And, in some ways, Catholics in Britain have already risen to the challenge

The Holy Father should put his feet up and have a glass of whisky

Pilgrims at the Hyde Park vigil: it was 'very united, very noisy, very peaceful'  (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

The last few days have been stupendous. Here are some of my immediate impressions

The Pope has routed his enemies and brought joy to the faithful

The visit was a personal triumph for the Holy Father himself (Photo: PA)

The last four days began in anxiety, but ended in euphoria

I’m at Hyde Park, trying to be tolerant. Thank God for the beautiful Mass this morning

I’m at Hyde Park, trying to be tolerant. Thank God for the beautiful Mass this morning

I’d better pull myself together and get with the programme

Pope warns ‘reason has its proper limits’ ahead of Hyde Park Vigil

Pope Benedict XVI shakes hands with the Archbishop of Canterbury today (Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA Wire)

Pope Benedict XVI, the great theologian, has much to teach us about the proper place of reason

What Boris said to the Pope and the Pope said to Boris

Boris meets the Pope at Heathrow, Terminal 4

The Holy Father met the Mayor of London last night

The Queen may not have produced a rosary, but she did conduct herself with dignity

Photo: PA

At 83, she has seen a great many state occasions in her lifetime

Scotland has done us all proud; suddenly the anti-Catholic campaign has lost its power

The papal chemistry is still active on British soil; now, we can relax and enjoy the visit

What will Boris Johnson say to the Holy Father?

Boris Johnson is a Catholic - although not what newspapers call 'a devout Catholic' (Photo: PA)

And what should he guard against?