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‘If you are out of communion on a matter as fundamental as the right to life, surely you have chosen to cut yourself off from the community of fellow worshippers’ says Francis Phillips

When it comes to the Catholic Church people think they know it all

You can raise your children as Christians but ultimately, it’s up to them if they attend church as an adult

It is in fact a dilemma for their religious community and not for the “Asian” community – if such a thing exists

Despite the failings of the Magdalen system, unbalanced analysis failed to reflect the full story

How will the Baz Luhrmann film, out in the UK next week, confront its existential themes?


Welcome to the first in a new series of Catholic Herald Podcast Debates.

Whether it’s liturgy or social mockery, Catholicism is a difficult thing to join

Andreotti, who has died aged 94, was nicknamed the ‘Eternal One’ of Italian politics. He was the opposite of bunga-bunga loving Berlusconi