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'Are we entering a new era of glitz, glamour and showmanship?' Donald Trump and Nigel Farage

The president-elect’s penthouse, reminiscent of the palaces of Saddam Hussein, must give us all pause

St Margaret Mary was the first to receive visions of the Sacred Heart

St Claude la Colombière and St Margaret Mary Alacoque helped us to pray for a renewed trust in God

The damaged Elephant and Obelisk statue (AP)

Bernini’s 350-year-old elephant statue has been vandalised

A fresco in Narnia depicting Blessed Lucy (

Today is the feast day of the actual Blessed Lucy of Narnia. It really, really is

Mgr Keith Newton at a Solemn Evensong in 2012 to celebrate the Ordinariate's first anniversary (mazur/

Liturgy and ecumenism go hand in hand, as Vatican II’s documents demonstrate

What’s inside this week’s magazine?

Take a look inside this week’s Catholic Herald

Exit polls showed that up to 81 per cent of white Evangelicals voted for Trump (AP)

The meaning of Donald Trump

His breathtaking election victory has unleashed a dangerous new populism. But shrill denunciations are not the answer

The Wilton Diptych shows Richard II dedicating England to Our Lady as her dowry

How England took flesh

The nation has a glorious future if it rediscovers its identity as ‘the Dowry of Mary’

Pope Francis with Habsburg children in the Clementine Hall at the Vatican (Severin Meister)

The 21st-century Habsburg mission

What does it mean to be born into one of the most influential royal houses of Europe?

Pope Francis arrives in St. Peter's Square for a general audience (AP)

The cardinals have asked Pope Francis for a yes-or-no answer on Communion. His silence is unsurprising