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Prince Charles will meet Pope Francis in Rome this week

the late Bishop Eamonn Casey

The sins of the late bishop are an important part of his life story, but so is his journey to redemption

The saint’s first response to Christ’s invitation was to try and wriggle out of it

Take a look inside this week’s Catholic Herald

Irish society needs to look truthfully at the past it seems determined to bury. I am hopeful, but not especially optimistic for change in my lifetime

image of lenin

A year to look backwards

The anniversaries of 2017 are a chance to ponder events that profoundly shape the world today


The Irish Church has lost its fervour, yet retains its fierce independence. But without outside intervention, it will continue to flounder

John Guy’s work entertains but fails to cohere as he treads the familiar ground of Thomas More’s life

a picture of a leicester high street

Embracing Christians from ethnic minority backgrounds provides an opportunity for learning

A new book says the idea that Stevens became a Catholic would be hard to digest. But that misunderstands his poetry