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Blessed Paul VI on copies of the Vatican newspaper prior to his beatification Mass in 2014 (CNS)

Some good friends of mine have signed the Wijngaards statement. But it overlooks some basic points

Take a look inside this week's magazine

What’s inside this week’s magazine?

A sneak preview of this week’s Catholic Herald

The Iraqi Christians at war with Isis

Tune in and find out what’s really happening in the Catholic Church

Members of the Nineveh Plain Protection Units, who have won their first battle against ISIS (Photo: CNS)

Fighting fire with fire

ISIS has brought terror to Iraq’s Christian community. Now there’s a military fightback – but could it make things even worse?

Armenians are escorted to prison by Ottoman soldiers in April 1915  (AP Photo, File)

Christian militias are merely defending villages from an enemy that will show no mercy. But in doing so they must make dangerous choices

Benedict XVI and Pope Francis (AP)

Whose legacy will last longer?

Benedict XVI favoured a slow, step-by-step approach to reform, while Francis prefers sweeping initiatives that advance quickly

The future Pope washes the feet of addicts at a rehabilitation centre in Buenos Aires (AP)

Book review: retreat, or surrender, is the worst possible response to a secular world

How to increase donations 30 percent -without even asking (Joe Giddens/PA)

A priest explains how he brought his parish from ‘in the red’ into the light

Theresa May announcing her education plans in a speech last week

The more Catholic schools we have, the more we will be tempted to dilute our Catholic identity

A woman receives a debt notice (SVP)

Material poverty causes devastating worry and has emotional as well as physical impact