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Our task is difficult but urgent: to show that people who are old and ill nevertheless have value

Overwhelming sorrow and loss are what the saints mean by the ‘mystery of the Cross’


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Meeting the Christians of Aleppo

The number of faithful in Syria’s ancient city has fallen from 250,000 to 30,000. Now the war is over, how many of those can be persuaded to stay?

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What I saw in the megachurches

American Evangelical churches pack in more than 2,000 worshippers every week. Our parishes have much to learn from them

Secularism, the new ancien régime

Espousing Catholicism used to be fatal to a French politician’s chances. The arrival of François Fillon shows how much the nation has changed

There is a gulf between a Catholic view of motherhood and the way it is portrayed in the media

The Church is not a democracy in the usual sense, but it is a society governed by law

Gorsuch is good news for religious and social conservatives – and for those who value the separation of powers