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The cardinal’s plan is well intentioned, but the new lectionary and calendar would be too confusing if applied to the Old Rite

Gino Bartali won the Tour de France twice and defied Mussolini. He also helped a cardinal to save Jewish lives in the 1940s

Maltese artist Manuel Farrugia shows we shouldn’t write off Catholic art just yet

Detective stories are generally seen as leisure reading for a mind at rest; not so this new compilation from Ignatius Press

Critics say that a new path to canonisation lowers the bar, but it is less revolutionary than they think

Fr James Martin and Daniel Mattson miss out some of the main struggles facing LGBT Catholics

As an Anglican, I used to think theological liberalism was on the wane. Not any more

Cardinal Sarah uses the term ‘reconciliation’ because moving towards his vision begins with a change of heart

Towns across England have been marred by inexplicably bad planning, but the outlook is improving

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