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The president and the cardinal have sharply contrasting personalities.

Showdown in the Philippines

Cardinal Tagle is a ‘Catholic rock star’; President Duterte scorns the Pope and believes in an eye for an eye. Both are loved by the people — so who will prevail?

A pilgrim holding a rosary raises her hands as she walks on her knees at Fatima (CNS)

Millennials believe in miracles, no matter how hard society tries to explain them away

A 17th-century Japanese painting of the Christian martyrs of Japan

Book review: Christ’s Samurai by Jonathan Clements

On a recent trip to Mexico the Pope implored the youth to dare to dream (AP Photo/Fabio Frustaci)

Here are four ideas that have helped me move forward with my dream of making a difference in the Church

The All Ireland Rally for Life went ahead despite heavy rain (Pic via @theRallyforLife)

The All Ireland Rally for Life was not met with the kind of bewilderment that greets pro-life marches in the rest of the UK

Deputy Chairman of Christie's Noel Annesley unveils a rare drawing by Michelangelo. 
'Study for the Risen Christ'  (PA)

The statue is coming to the National Gallery next year – it is a chance to correct a misperception about the Church

GK Chesterton in Brighton, 1935 (AP)

Since Friday, Chesterton’s prophecy of popular uprising has been quoted everywhere

Disabled pilgrims face the Basilica of the Rosary during a Mass for the sick celebrated by Benedict XVI in Lourdes in 2008 (AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino)

Losing the European insurance card would mean sick pilgrims having to bear the full costs of healthcare themselves

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker with David Cameron at EU headquarters this week (AP)

Leave voters believe in democracy and the rule of law. European history shows they are right to reject the EU