Wed 20th Aug 2014 | Last updated: Wed 20th Aug 2014 at 15:26pm

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Beijing is persecuting the Church because it fears China will one day be Christian

Worshippers at a Catholic church in Taiyuan, China (CNS)

One day the superpower will be Christian, and Communism just a distant memory

The Explainer: Is Britain about to legalise assisted suicide?

Lord Falconer will present the Bill to the House of Lords on Friday July 18

A guide to the harder-to-grasp aspects of Catholic news stories

There’s no need to be defeatist about old age and assisted suicide

Pope Francis (CNS)

The Church needs to spearhead a new approach to old age

Morning Catholic must-reads: 04/07/14

The website of the Pontifical University Antonianum

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

The impoverishment of the Church’s liturgical culture is a major problem for the remarried. If they can’t receive Communion, what is left for them to be part of?

'A major problem facing the divorced is the fact that the automatic reception of Holy Communion, at every single Mass, has become an ingrained part of Catholic life' (CNS)

When everyone else automatically, even unthinkingly, receives Holy Communion, those who can’t feel isolated from the community of the Church

Are there any Communist philanthropists out there?

Jack MacDonald left millions to the Salvation Army (PA)

Two rich men demonstrate the importance of sharing wealth

Morning Catholic must-reads: 03/07/14

Fr Adolfo Nicolás with Pope Francis in January (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Today’s Catholic must-reads: 02/07/14

Ernst von Freyberg, president of the Institute for Religious Works (AP)

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

It’s unlikely Vladimir Putin is helping Middle East Christians for pious reasons

Russian President Vladimir Putin (PA)

The Russian president is neither a Tsar or a Communist, but his foreign policy shows little difference from either

American pro-life campaigners free to stand for what they believe in

Pro-Life demonstrators in Texas (AP)

The US Supreme Court has ruled that pro-life advocates are entitled to stand outside abortion clinics