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Women can discover a religious vocation in their fifties (CNS photo/Max Rossi, Reuters)

Most religious communities and congregations will only accept candidates for the religious life into their thirties

Brendan Carroll as Mrs Brown (BBC)

The corny but hilarious Irish sitcom depicts the Church as a natural part of everyday life

Pope Francis, accompanied by young people at World Youth Day in July, where Docat was introduced (AP)

Docat is an entertaining but uncompromising adaption of the Catechism of the Catholic Church for young readers

Children hold signs supporting their families' lifestyle at a polygamy rally (AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

A Muslim man in Italy has called for legalised polygamy following same-sex marriage. There are plenty of reasons to resist

Take a look inside this week's Catholic Herald

What’s inside this week’s magazine?

Take a look inside this week’s Catholic Herald

Harvard University (AP)

Find out what’s really happening in the Catholic Church

Harvard University (AP)

How we stopped a Black Mass at Harvard

When misguided Harvard students teamed up with Satanists to arrange a Black Mass, the Catholic community had to step up

Ordinations at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville, Tennessee (CNS)

The true history of celibacy

The debate on married priests is damaged by myth-making. History shows that married men, if ordained, had to live continently

The Bank of England has cut interest rates (PA)

Debtors need our help

What practical measures can the Church take to help those who cannot pay their bills, and whose only recourse is to loan sharks or crime?

Porcelain figures depicting the Cultural Revolution on a stall in Beijing (AP)

How beating a class enemy became a favourite pastime in the China of Chairman Mao