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A woman receives a debt notice (SVP)

Material poverty causes devastating worry and has emotional as well as physical impact

A memorial to unborn children is pictured outside a Catholic church in Alexandria, Virginia (CNS)

The faithful in America has embraced these memorials. Catholics in Britain should do the same

Ukraine's then-President Viktor Yushchenko, right, and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in 2009 (PA)

Ukraine’s Orthodox Church could split the two great Patriarchates of Moscow and Constantinople. Unless they turn to Rome

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Conversion on the Way to Damascus, 1600-1601

Christians have to resist a reductive reading of human beings as merely complex brains

Prime Minister Theresa May announces a new wave of grammar schools (PA)

The Catholic case for grammar schools

Some think that selection contradicts the very idea of being Catholic. This is why they are wrong

Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, the Saudi grand mufti, comments have angered some Shia Muslims (AP)

The Sunni-Shia conflict forces Governments to make tricky diplomatic choices. Iran seems a better prospect

Prime Minister Theresa May plans to unveil new EU immigration system this autumn

As Theresa May prepares a Brexit plan, the subject will be the focus of much debate

Georgetown University will give preference in admissions to the descendants of slaves owned by the Maryland Jesuits (AP)

Georgetown’s apology for slavery is light on moral argument and even lighter on theology

Catholic League outside the Empire State Building in New York rallying in support of Mother Teresa. (AP Photo/Diane Bondareff)

She did not leave her room for 24 hours when Mother Teresa told her she wanted to be a missionary

People pray the rosary (CNS)

Tune in and find out what’s really happening in the Catholic Church