Thu 21st Aug 2014 | Last updated: Thu 21st Aug 2014 at 16:56pm

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It’s unlikely Vladimir Putin is helping Middle East Christians for pious reasons

Russian President Vladimir Putin (PA)

The Russian president is neither a Tsar or a Communist, but his foreign policy shows little difference from either

American pro-life campaigners free to stand for what they believe in

Pro-Life demonstrators in Texas (AP)

The US Supreme Court has ruled that pro-life advocates are entitled to stand outside abortion clinics

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Fr Lombardi: Killings are 'a grave obstacle on the path towards peace' (AP)

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

If free speech on abortion is closed down on campus it will affect our future leaders

Pro-lifers' freedom of speech was recently threatened at the University of Oxford (PA)

Pro-lifers at university have to stay vigilant

Like all extremists, the men of ISIS know just enough history to be dangerous

The last Caliph

Their idea of a caliphate is an anachronism at best

Morning Catholic must-reads: 30/06/14

Pope Francis delivers the Angelus address (AP)

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

The Holy Father, say those close to him, is wearing himself out. He should slow down, beginning with at least three weeks off at Castel Gandolfo

'Most popes have quite rightly taken August off. Pope Francis? He is off to Korea (Photo: CNS)

He has set essential reforms under way. Cardinal Pell and the other reformers need time to complete their work. What we don’t need is another conclave

Let’s show forgiveness to Luis Suarez

Uruguay's Luis Suarez holds his teeth after biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini (AP)

The punishment doled out to the Uruguay player sends completely the wrong message

The Vatican is right to honour Charlie Chaplin, a ‘chosen man of God’

Chaplin in 'City Lights' (AP)

Although not a religious man, Chaplin captured something of the universal human heart

Morning Catholic must-reads: 27/06/14

Cardinal Seán O'Malley of Boston (CNS)

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church