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Norwich Anglican Cathedral (PA)

A clear statistical picture is a key part of Christian mission

A man walks past the Holy Shroud on display at the Cathedral of Turin, Italy.  (AP Photo/Massimo Pinca, File)

In his latest book, Robert Spitzer offers a convincing answer to a challenging question

Pope Francis and President of the Lutheran World Federation Bishop Munib Younan attending the ecumenical event 'Together in Hope' at the Malmo Arena on October 31 (AP)

Schism is the worst of sins and we must all work our hardest for reconciliation

'Some dioceses have cottoned on to the modern trend, and realise that when someone Googles them, they need to put their best foot forward'

Lancaster is an example of one diocese using the internet to reach more people

Smoke billows from chimneys in Rome, in front of St Peters' Basilica  (AP)

A new mode of Vatican rhetoric, characterised by assertions and attacks, is one of the greatest contrasts with the past 35 years

Pope Francis hugs Lutheran leader Bishop Munib Younan  in Lund Cathedral (AP)

Catholics and Lutherans are now a step closer to the unity Christ prayed for

Theresa May is greeted by Canon Anthony Ball as she arrives at Westminster Abbey in London for a service to commemorate the work of William Wilberforce (PA)

May’s appointments bode well for faith communities, which past governments have too often neglected

A controversial figure: Archbishop Piero Marini in the Sistine Chapel (AP)

Some of the new names will raise eyebrows, but this isn’t the coup some believe it to be

A baptism at the Catholic cathedral in Stockholm (AP)

His visit should not make us gloss over the very real issues facing both Catholics and Protestants

An urn containing cremated remains (CNS)

Why I’ve chosen to be cremated

It is a great comfort to know my earthly remains will rest under a copy of the Holy Shroud