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Donald and Melania Trump survey Washington with Catholic politician Paul Ryan (CNS)

Should Christians regard the Trump presidency with hope or trepidation?

Sisters make their perpetual vows (CNS)

My dream for my kids: celibacy

As a husband and father of two, my highest ambition is to have no grandchildren

Dame Louise Casey: Catholic schools must not be ‘anti-gay marriage’

Social isolation won’t be solved by intimidating the religious into conforming to metropolitan liberalism

Grand Master Fra' Matthew Festing insists that the order remains loyal to the Pope (CNS)

The knights who won’t retreat

Vatican officials have mounted an extraordinary challenge to the ancient Order of Malta. But what is the row really about?

The government needs to overhaul its policies on abortion (PA)

Abortion policy is stuck in the dark ages

If abortion confers no health benefit, why is it within the purview of the NHS?

The indescribable wonder of a baby (PA)

We can rediscover the truth about love

An understanding of life, childbearing and sexuality is written on our hearts. Peer through the darkness and it can still be found

Cardinal Müller: pulls no punches (AP)

Cardinal Müller’s balancing act

The Vatican doctrinal chief may be a hard taskmaster, but he has an instinct for finding common ground. Can he heal the Church’s divisions?

Why not begin the New Year by living by sacred time? (AP)

‘I was marching to the beat of empty, secular time. I needed to find a new approach to life’

Guterres has ‘a reputation for getting into the thick of it’ (AP)

The improbable Secretary-General

He’s a practising Catholic who opposes abortion and gay marriage. How on earth has António Guterres been appointed head of the UN?

Martin Scorsese: ‘When one has a vocation, does it have to be clerical?’ (AP)

The director was dismissed from the seminary as a young man. But his personal pilgrimage has never ended