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The few and the many

Peter Mullen remembers the Battle of Britain on its 70th anniversary

Kids Quiz the Pope blog enables children to send questions to Pope Benedict XVI

Archbishop Smith: protesters cannot guarantee there will be no disruption

A severely deformed baby was born in a perfectly normal condition after the child’s mother prayed to Newman

David Cameron described the visit as ‘incredibly important and historic’ and a ‘great honour’ for Britain

Print edition 10.09.10

Much of The Catholic Herald’s content – letters, reviews, news, extra comment and features – is not available online. This week, Fr Ian Ker explores the pastoral genius of Newman; Fr Anthony Symondson examines the mosaics at Westminster Cathedral; Paul Willis meets an opera singer who discovered his vocation at the White House; and Stuart Reid says Catholics should strain every sinew to see the Pope. Pastor Iuventus, meanwhile, wonders why he has been given a parcel containing string, a pair of rubber balls, and a cassette of the Bee Gees.

Pontiff: ‘Cardinal Newman is an inspiration for ecumenism’

Pope Benedict says his native country is losing its sense of God in a speech to its new ambassador to the Holy See

Benedict XVI made the request during the Angelus

St Cornelius, pope from 251 to 253, was martyred by Emperor Gallus