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Francis Campbell says visit will improve cooperation between British government and Holy See

Plans to publicly burn copies of the Koran are ‘outrageous and grave’, says Vatican council

The archbishop and protesters had a ‘frank discussion’ about child abuse, homosexuality and the state funding of the visit

Two priests in north London and East Sussex told parishioners last weekend that they were to be received into the Catholic Church

Popemobile’s Edinburgh route released

The Pope will travel nearly four miles through the city’s historic centre

‘I’m looking forward to my visit to UK,’ he says in weekly general audience

Pope Benedict issues his message for World Youth Day 2011

Pope sends message to people of Britain

Pope Benedict XVI talks of his joy at beatifying Cardinal Newman, a man of ‘gentle wisdom’

Plans detailing the Pope’s exact movements at Cofton Park were left in a Warwickshire pub and never picked up

Prayers for the success of the Pope’s visit begin in parishes across England and Wales today