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Members had complained about a $25 million grant requested by the Pope

The move has been described as ‘a major step backward in religious work’

In a strongly-worded pastoral letter, the bishop called on Catholics to ‘mobilise’ and ‘speak out’

If the law is upheld, critics say it could set a dangerous precedent: state-funded pro-abortion activism

News of abuses and scandals, including among members of the clergy, remind us of this bitter reality, he added

‘This is a prenatal death sentence given to people who are completely innocent,’ a speaker said

‘When both parties take a further step, we will find ourselves getting closer and closer to each other, and becoming friends on the path to the truth’

‘The party that once embraced Catholics now slams the door on us,’ the cardinal wrote

The Order of Malta defended its procedure, saying that Sire’s superior had been ‘involved’

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