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The canon lawyer Kurt Martens said that Amoris Laetitia had to be interpreted in line with previous Church teaching

In a new interview the Pope Emeritus reveals his decision was forced by his inability to travel to Rio

A priest and nun were among those who survived Wednesday’s earthquake against the odds

Maynooth is under scrutiny after misgivings about the life and governance of the institution

Secretary-general of the bishops’ conference points out that nuns and ‘peasant grandmothers’ stay covered up at the beach too

The cardinal said that his comments about the liturgy at a conference in London last month were misinterpreted

Bishop Robert Muench has met ‘countless’ victims at three evacuation shelters amid Louisiana’s historic floods

The Pope says he was encouraged by Polish Catholics’ ‘strong faith’ and ‘unwavering hope’

A number of Republican-led states oppose new rules around transgender rights which could go against some doctors’ religious beliefs

Egypt’s state news agency says the attack took place at the Virgin Mary church in Cairo’s western suburb of Nozha