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Furniture was thrown around St Anselm and St Cecilia church last week

Cardinal Franciszek Macharski became Archbishop of Kraków after the election of Pope John Paul II

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Insufficient evidence means that Cardinal Philippe Barbarin will not be prosecuted

The Gunter Chapel in Wales faces destruction unless funds can be raised to protect and repair it

Fr Jos Vanderlee, 65, was rushed to hospital following the attack, but his condition is not thought to be critical

About 300,000 people are believed to be in East Aleppo. No food or medical aid has been able to reach the rebel-held territory for several weeks

Mary’s Meals seeks funding in order to continue to provide meals for schoolchildren in the African country

Kraków in the Capital was celebrated on the campus of The Catholic University of America

Pope Francis told young Catholics that his compatriot is the greatest footballer of all time