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Francis met Lizzy Myers, who suffers from a genetic eye disorder, and her family in St Peter’s Square today

Berta Cáceres’s family ask US authorities to push the Honduran government to set up an independent investigation

Convent in Italy to provide accommodation and care to those fleeing war

There are demands for the Pope to apologise for the Church’s role in running Indian residential schools

Gov Phil Bryant signed the law allowing businesses to refuse to serve same-sex couples

The government have said Francis will visit the island from April 14-15

The Archbishop of New York says new drug guidelines will open ‘an ever-widening door to abortion’

The South African Council of Churches labelled the president ‘dishonest’

The Archbishop of Westminster will encourage a greater global response to modern slavery at a UN conference

St Elian monastery, in the recaptured town of Qaryatain, was bulldozed by the terrorist group last summer