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The risen Jesus enables us ‘to see with his eyes of love and compassion’, says Francis

Francis offers Easter message of hope after a bleak week in Europe

Francis recalls those ‘decapitated by barbarous blades’ after Way of the Cross

Archbishop Gänswein says Pope Emeritus is ‘like a candle that is slowly, serenely fading’

‘No matter how far the hate of human beings can go, the love of God always has been, and will be, greater,’ says papal preacher

The Pontiff washed the feet of several refugees, including Muslims, Hindus and Copts

Fr Michel Gaillard has served as chaplain of the Belgian airport targeted by ISIS for 10 years

The WIN/Gallup survey of 64 countries found that those in the top fifth of incomes had the best impression of the Pope

The order is asking to be exempt from US government regulations obliging them to provide birth control