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Pope Francis met Cardinal Sarah to indicate that no liturgical directives will begin in Advent, according to Vatican spokesman

Violent clashes between forces loyal to the president and those loyal to the vice president have spread across the city of Juba in recent days

Spanish journalist Paloma Garcia Ovejero will work alongside Burke as vice director of the Vatican’s press office

A collection in September will help the national Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in its efforts to raise £10 million

Clashes between government and opposition forces in the country’s capital have enter their fifth day

Archbishop Kurtz said the Dallas sniper attack was ‘an act of unjustifiable evil’ and that members of the public need ‘protection and fairness’

The Archbishop of Westminster has told clergy Mass is ‘not the time for priests to exercise personal preference or taste’

A reorganisation of the oversight of the Vatican’s financial affairs was announced on Saturday

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The bishop says he would like both clergy and lay people to ‘review and develop our pastoral practice’