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Canon Paul McAleenan, a priest of the Diocese of Westminster, and Mgr John Wilson, a priest of the Diocese of Leeds, will be ordained in January

The image by an unknown artist is drawn from the Vatican Library

The trial of five people charged with offences related to the leaking of documents gets underway at the Vatican today

The Pope will celebrate Mass in the grounds of the University of Nairobi on Thursday

The shrine to 22 African Catholics killed in 19th century is currently undergoing major renovations ahead of the papal visit

Bishop Arnold has says Salford parishes may be cut from 150 to 75 due to a lack of priests and a declining Catholic population

Gianna Masciantoni was kissed by the Pontiff during his visit to Philadelphia in September

Pope Francis has released video messages ahead of his visit to Central African Republic, Kenya and Uganda

Church of England angered by decision to refuse to show advert promoting prayer website prior to new Star Wars film

Two journalists and a monsignor among those charged after leaks lead to accusations of financial malpractice in the Vatican