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Auxiliary Bishop Damian Muskus of Krakow, Poland said arranging for young people who might not be able to attend the event would be “our priestly gifts for youngsters in this Year of Mercy”

The Pope made his appeal during his Angelus address on Sunday

Mark Spencer MP wants to introduce banning orders which would prevent schools teaching about the Christian definition of marriage

A majority of Congressman voted to block attempts to defund the country’s largest abortion provider

The Merseyside school will close next summer due to a £470,000 funding crisis

Rome is one of four cities to have already launched their bid for the 2024 Olympic Games

Around 200-300 people were walking towards a church when the accident happened in the state of Zacatecas

The year-long extraordinary jubilee will include a number of individual jubilee days for specific groups of people

Declan Donnelly was presented with a framed certificate from Pope Francis on Saturday

Fortunately nobody was injured in the attack but it is thought that repairs to the buildings will need to take place soon