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She acknowledged Northern Ireland is ‘definitely under pressure to change its pro-life laws’

Bishop Sorondo said relations between the Pope and China were ‘very good’ even if no formal deal had been reached

Bishop Leteng of Ruteng, Indonesia, is accused of diverting funds to a mistress but denies the charge

A gay rights group tried to prosecute the archbishop for hate speech

The group face sanctions if they do not stop the practice by the end of the month

Archbishop Antônio Muniz was leaving his home to go to Mass when the attack happened

Pilgrims celebrated Mass in the Old Rite after sixty miles on foot with a relic of St Andrew

The workmen nod their heads to a statue of the saint each day while heading to work

Researchers found that religious belief is intuitively viewed as a necessary safeguard against grossly immoral conduct

The ‘Mercy Bus’ is the idea of Friends of Divine Mercy Scotland