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Gianna Masciantoni was kissed by the Pontiff during his visit to Philadelphia in September

Pope Francis has released video messages ahead of his visit to Central African Republic, Kenya and Uganda

Church of England angered by decision to refuse to show advert promoting prayer website prior to new Star Wars film

Two journalists and a monsignor among those charged after leaks lead to accusations of financial malpractice in the Vatican

Patriarch Younan says the West have abandoned Christians in Syria

Francis leaves on Wednesday for a six-day trip to Kenya, Uganda and Central African Republic

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Christopher claims he was told to remove his rosary at school

School in Florida says the rosary violated the dress code

An 82ft Bavarian fir tree is already in place ready to mark the beginning of the Holy Year

Douai Abbey in Berkshire Credit: Douai Abbey

The Community of St Edmund celebrates 400th anniversary this weekend