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French bishops give their backing to effort at plenary meeting in Lourdes

Francis jokes that sometimes a physical fight is better

Muslim Conservative MP leads campaign to pressure Pakistan authorities to free Christian mother-of-five

Bishop says he wants to dispel ‘any misleading impression’ created by synod

Pope tells Malawi bishops to focus on families

Print Edition: Friday November 7

This week our editor Luke Coppen brings you the latest news on our launch of the magazine and Edward Pentin reveals what Cardinal Burke really thinks about the leadership of Pope Francis. Meanwhile Mark Greaves meets the 110 year-old sister who joined her order in the year of the Wall Street Cash and Will Heaven reveals which is the best bookshop in the world.

St Albert the Great (November 15) widely viewed as the greatest scholar of the Middle Age

Daily readings: November 9-15

Scripture readings in the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms

Dedication of the Lateran Basilica, Ez 47:1-2, 8-9 & 12; Ps 45; 1 Cor 3: 9-11; Jn 2:13-22 (Year A)

Francis makes remarks in a meeting with diocesan officials and canon lawyers