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Pope Francis will make an 11-hour visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina on June 6

Christians made homeless by ISIS are not ready to leave their country yet, says cardinal

Bishop Oscar Cantu says framework is a milestone in the negotiations to curb ‘unacceptable prospect of Iran developing nuclear weapons’

The Pope has accounts in a range of languages including English, Spanish and French

Gen Carlos Eugenio Vides Casanova has been accused of human rights abuses during the bloody civil war in El Salvador

Reports suggest the Pope is set to travel to Paraguay, Bolivia and Ecuador

Members of papal commission met one of Pope Francis’ top cardinal advisers to express concerns over appointment of Bishop Juan Barros

Pope Francis has named some cardinals members of pontifical councils which are widely expected to be merged with others

Fr Thomas Byles is said to have twice refused a seat on a lifeboat as the Titanic went down

Pope Francis used his Easter message to call for global elimination of nuclear weapons