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‘A priest who perhaps has studied a lot of theology and has one, two or three degrees, but has not learned to carry the cross of Christ is useless,’ the Pope said

The man had was among many Christians to flee the town of El-Arish just three months earlier, but had returned to find work

Turnout was high among Catholic voters, with nearly four in five saying they intended to vote

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of His Beatitude Gregory III Laham from pastoral office

The girls were freed on Saturday in exchange for the release of five Boko Haram suspects

Critics say the document fails to adequately explain Church teaching on sexuality

The recruits, who enroll for at least two years, must be single, upstanding Swiss Catholic males younger than 30

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Francis tells students: ‘I was ashamed when I heard the name’

Bishop Frank Dewane, chairman of the US bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Social Development, called it “deeply disappointing”