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A spokesman for Cardinal Danneels says his remarks have been taken out of context

Two million young people are expected to descend on Madrid

Miners convert part of their shelter into a shrine as they brace themselves for another four months underground

Benedict XVI refers to plight of miners in his Angelus address

The castle has a prominent role in the history of the Church

Isle of Man postal service issues three stamps to mark papal visit to Britain

The Pope’s former doctoral students were addressed by Archbishop Koch

Theologian explores the message of the Lord’s Prayer

Print edition 27.08.10

Much of The Catholic Herald’s content – letters, reviews, news, extra comment and features – is not available online. This week, Tom Knight reports on the crucial role the Knights of St Columba played in John Paul II’s visit in 1982; Simon Dames travels to Gdansk, where 20 years ago the Solidarity trade union was born; and Jack Valero, spokesman for the Birmingham Oratory, argues that the Birmingham Three campaign is harming the Church.

‘Red Tory’ Phillip Blond speaks at Catholic conference in Italy