Sat 25th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 24th Oct 2014 at 18:39pm

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Print Edition: 24 October 2014

This week we bring you extensive coverage of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family including an eye witness account from Bishop Paul Butler on “the synod’s 15 most amazing minutes” and Mark Shea on why we shouldn’t panic about this moment in the Church’s history.

Meanwhile R J Stove writes about the Catholic composer who wrote the Latin Magnificat aged 13 and Paul Cooper discovers a place of pilgrimage for Catholic cyclists.

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Print Edition: October 17 2014

This week we bring you all the latest detailed coverage on the Extraordinary Synod on the Family and the Italian priest based in Clerkenwell, London who was suddenly recalled to Rome.

Fr Ignatius Harrison explains why we should all pray for John Henry Newman’s canonisation, Alfred Searls reveals which creppy classic has been reborn thanks to Pope Francis and Mary Kenny reminds us that public displays of affection are not a human right.

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Print Edition: October 10 2014

In this week’s Catholic Herald we have full coverage of the first week of the synod on the family, including a report on the opening Mass and Edward Pentin’s Vatican notebook.

Fr Andrew Pinsent explores the life of Bishop Walter de Merton, while John Duddington calls on Catholics to join the great British debate over human rights.

Elsewhere Luke Coppen interviews campaigner for solid cathechesis Daphne McLeod and Janet E Smith argues Paul VI was a revolutionary pontiff in the mould of Pope Francis.

In Arts and Books, Will Gore recommends ’71, a dark and thrilling new drama set in the Troubles, and Jack Carrigan reviews the moving memoir of a Robben Island prison officer.

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Print Edition: October 3 2014

In this week’s Catholic Herald we have a full report on our interview with Bishop Kieran Conry following his resignation.

UKIP MEP Margot Parkers tells Mary O’Regan about the party’s strong Catholic contingent, Fr Mark Drew reveals what Francis is really up to at the Vatican and Patrick West explains why the standards of the Middle Ages make us look uncivilised.

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Print Edition: September 26 2014

This week we reveal which English bishop is urging the faithful to pray for the canonisation of a religious sister dubbed the “Saint of Soho.” Find out if Cardinal Renato Martino is worried abou the Family Synod, read about the Blessed who gave Hans Küng a big hug and Melanie McDonagh tells you what Albania is offering the world.

Mary Kenny explains why Tesco may crumble like Ancient Rome and Will Gore explores the ‘stunning simplicity’ in Martin Amis’s latest Holocaust themed novel.

Print Edition: September 19 2014

This week we bring you a profile report on the new Bishop of Leeds, Mgr Marcus Stock and the student union that has banned the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) from it’s Fresher’s Fair. Meanwhile, Fr Michael Seed pays tribute to his friend Ian Paisley.

Lord Hylton explains why we must stand with Syria’s Kurds against ISIS, Bishop Bernard Longley reveals five important steps to evangelising your town and Fr Raymond D’Souza outlines what is at stake at next month’s Family Synod.

Max Wind-Cowie reviews The Establishment by Owen Jones and Piers Paul Read speculates on which way his parents would have voted in the Scottish referendum.

Print Edition: September 12 2014

This week we bring you reports on the unveiling of plans for the reinterment of Richard III and the stalling of the Cause of Fulton Sheen. Tributes are also paid to Catholic MP Jim Dobbin who passed away last weekend.

Disabled comedian and actor Liz Carr explains why she is leading the fight against Lord Falconer’s assisted suicide bill. Meanwhile, Niall Gooch investigates whether anything can be done to stop three-parent IVF treatment getting the go ahead in Britain and Francis Phillips says Jane Austen is a good advert for home schooling.

We also have a review of A Most Wanted Man, one of the last films to star Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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Print Edition: September 5 2014

This week we bring you reports on the amazing Catholic couple who are saving migrants at sea and the brave Nigerian bishop who refuses to have a bodyguard.

Fr Thomas Casey dissects Leonard Cohen’s song ‘Hallelujah’ and Fr Matthew Goddard writes about his priest friend who was murdered by a burglar. Meanwhile newly-wed Will Heaven describes his wife’s first encounter with the Catholic Church and Mary Kenny explains why Brussels should seize our lawnmowers.

We also have a free supplement on the best Catholic schools in the UK.

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Print Edition: August 29

This week Maria Elena Candilio writes on the history of popes and their pets and Damian Thompson explains why Francis is the Vatican’s real Rottweiler.

Fr Timothy Finigan outlines the perils of routine Holy Communion and Catherine MacMillan describes her journey as a teenage single mum with a severely-disabled daughter.

Maajid Nawaz urges us to face the ideology of Islamism head-on and Mary Kenny ponders the impact of emotional abuse on families.

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Print Edition: August 22nd

This week we bring you in-depth coverage of Pope Francis’s visit to Korea including his beatification of 124 South Korean martyrs.

Meanwhile, Dr Amal Marogy tells Bess Twiston-Davies about her mission to save the ancient Christian culture of Iraq, Mgr Keith Newton explains why he is wooing Anglicans longing for unity and Mary Kenny reveals why Thomas Aquinas is the expert on cannabis.

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