Mon 1st Sep 2014 | Last updated: Sun 31st Aug 2014 at 22:18pm

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Print Edition: August 29

This week Maria Elena Candilio writes on the history of popes and their pets and Damian Thompson explains why Francis is the Vatican’s real Rottweiler.

Fr Timothy Finigan outlines the perils of routine Holy Communion and Catherine MacMillan describes her journey as a teenage single mum with a severely-disabled daughter.

Maajid Nawaz urges us to face the ideology of Islamism head-on and Mary Kenny ponders the impact of emotional abuse on families.

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Print Edition: August 22nd

This week we bring you in-depth coverage of Pope Francis’s visit to Korea including his beatification of 124 South Korean martyrs.

Meanwhile, Dr Amal Marogy tells Bess Twiston-Davies about her mission to save the ancient Christian culture of Iraq, Mgr Keith Newton explains why he is wooing Anglicans longing for unity and Mary Kenny reveals why Thomas Aquinas is the expert on cannabis.

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Print Edition: August 15 2014

In this week’s Catholic Herald we report on the priest who says GK Chesterton and Saint Thérèse of Lisieux are “soul twins” and the lady who is paying the ‘bedroom tax’ for a room which she believes is possessed by demons.

Meanwhile Carl Packman reveals what GK Chesterton and the Archbishop of Canterbury have in common and Gerard Russell reports on the tragedy of the Yazidis in Iraq.

Nick Thomas reveals his earliest memories of his university peer Boris Johnson and Ed West tells us why we should be particularly grateful to the Catholic Church.

Print Edition: August 8 2014

This week we bring you an exclusive on report on the Diocese of Westminster’s plans to offer a course designed to help people recover from divorce.

Also, Mark Greaves explains why the Church is growing in South Korea and Tom Gallagher reveals why former Catholics have become Scottish Nationalists. Francis Phillips pays tribute to the great Catholic convert, Stratford Caldecott, Mary Kenny asks if surrogacy can really be properly regulated and Rachel Collingwood reports on the town which is held together by the Virgin Mary.

Print Edition: August 1 2014

This week we report on the mounting pressure on David Cameron to speak out and take action over persecuted Iraqi Christians and the Catholic Education Service’s call not to make sex education compulsory.

Madeleine Teahan talks to Catholic cartoonist about how she came back to the Faith and David Bell writes about the prelate who took on Adolf Hitler. Meanwhile, Mary Kenny reveals why actress Liz Carr is her new heroine and Nick Thomas pinpoints the moment that Ed Miliband lost it.

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This week we bring you detailed coverage of last week’s ‘assisted dying’ debate and the tributes paid to Sister Philomene Tiernan, the Australian sister who was killed in the MH17 plane disaster.

Luke Coppen talks to musician Matthew Schellhorn about care, bereavement and assisted suicide, Mary Kenny explains why we are being governed by barbarians and Laura Gotti Tedeschi talks to the Chinese artist working hard to reveal the beauty and humanity of unborn children.

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Print Edition: July 18 2014

This week we bring you the latest news on reaction to Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill and what experts make of the news that Mass attendance in Poland has reached an all-time low since 1980.

Madeleine Teahan hears the hair-raising life story of our out-going sub editor Michael Corrigan, John Newton meets the priest in Jordan who is still helping children flee Iraq despite the threat of abduction and Patrick West reveals the one thing that even bishops have forgotten about Christianity.

Meanwhile, Will Gore reviews the new documentary film ‘Supermensch’ and Melanie McDonagh writes on why Catholic ladies are vanishing.

Print Edition: July 11 2014

This week we bring you an exclusive report on Archbishop Rino Fischella, the head of the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelisation, who spoke at the Invocation festival in Birmingham at the weekend. We also report on the family who are trying to raise enough money to send their child with a brain tumour to Lourdes.

Andrew Brown busts the myths surrounding faith schools, Fr David Palmer asks if Catholics should be concerned about the Alpha course and Stuart Reid explains why we should pray for Rolf Harris and Tony Blair.

Print Edition: July 4 2014

This week we bring you the latest news on the closure of the National Catholic Library and Edward Pentin our Vatican correspondent explains why Italians are frustrated with Francis for not condemining abortion strongly enough. Meanwhile William Oddie pleads with the Holy Father to take a break this summer and enjoy the beauty of Castel Gandalfo.

Rachel Collingwood speaks with the Nicaraguan cardinal who wears jeans to Mass, Rod Liddle laments the selfish folly of the baby-boomer generation and Peter Hitchens explains why Pope Francis is wrong about drugs. Archbishop Peter Smith highlights the dangers of Lord Falconer’s ‘Assisted Dying’ Bill, Damian Thompson explains why he is so grateful to the Society of St Vincent de Paul and Mark Greaves gets to the bottom of what A Call To Action (ACTA) really stand for.

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Print Edition: June 26 2014

This week we bring you an exclusive report on the ISIS fighters who attended Catholic schools in the UK and the course which is transforming teenagers into evangelists.

Madeleine Teahan talks with the mother who prayed to Fulton Sheen to save her baby’s life, Simon Caldwell reveals ten amazingly saintly British converts and Mary Teresa Connor describes how the First World War took an unbearable toll on her close-knit Irish Catholic family in County Durham.

Meanwhile Edna Fernandes argues that if faith schools were banned extremism would prosper and Mary Kenny explains why there is no such thing as multiculturalism.

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