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Print Edition: July 4 2014

This week we bring you the latest news on the closure of the National Catholic Library and Edward Pentin our Vatican correspondent explains why Italians are frustrated with Francis for not condemining abortion strongly enough. Meanwhile William Oddie pleads with the Holy Father to take a break this summer and enjoy the beauty of Castel Gandalfo.

Rachel Collingwood speaks with the Nicaraguan cardinal who wears jeans to Mass, Rod Liddle laments the selfish folly of the baby-boomer generation and Peter Hitchens explains why Pope Francis is wrong about drugs. Archbishop Peter Smith highlights the dangers of Lord Falconer’s ‘Assisted Dying’ Bill, Damian Thompson explains why he is so grateful to the Society of St Vincent de Paul and Mark Greaves gets to the bottom of what A Call To Action (ACTA) really stand for.

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Print Edition: June 26 2014

This week we bring you an exclusive report on the ISIS fighters who attended Catholic schools in the UK and the course which is transforming teenagers into evangelists.

Madeleine Teahan talks with the mother who prayed to Fulton Sheen to save her baby’s life, Simon Caldwell reveals ten amazingly saintly British converts and Mary Teresa Connor describes how the First World War took an unbearable toll on her close-knit Irish Catholic family in County Durham.

Meanwhile Edna Fernandes argues that if faith schools were banned extremism would prosper and Mary Kenny explains why there is no such thing as multiculturalism.

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Print edition: June 20 2014

This week we bring you an exclusive report on the graffiti artist, known as Pure Evil, who is related to Thomas More and describes him as an “absolute hero” and we reveal the reason a Catholic priest paid almost £5,000 for a 1903 conclave ballot sheet at auction.

Meanwhile, Simon Caldwell talks with Pascal Uche the seminarian who represented the face of Catholic youth in Britain during Pope Benedict XVI’s 2010 visit to the UK. Flip Mazurczak writes about the amazing rebirth of Catholic Spain, Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith reports on the eight figures who altered Catholic history and Fr Jeremy Davies explains why yoga might be bad for us. And finally the broadcast journalist Petroc Trelawny reveals that a Catholic priest taught him to roller skate.

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Print edition: June 13 2014

In the paper this week, Bishop Alan Hopes of East Anglia talks candidly about his journey from the Church of England into the Catholic Church, Godfrey Danaan reports from Nigeria on Boko Haram’s terrifying war on Christians, John MacInnes argues that the Scottish Church is right to stay out of the independence debate and Fr Michael Seed recalls the day that punk rockers chased Cardinal Basil Hume.

Meanwhile, Quentin de la Bédoyère reveals the one thing that needs to happen before Francis’s reforms can succeed, Piers Paul Read names the Devil’s most “masterly stroke” in the past half century and Fr Ronald Rolheiser explains what we should do with our regrets.

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Print edition: June 6 2014

In the Catholic Herald this week we bring you an exclusive report on the rise in Dominican vocations, the latest attempts to curb pro-life activism on university campuses and Edward Pentin reports on the author who claims Pope Francis has saved the Vatican.

Meanwhile Mary O’Regan speaks to Bishop-elect Kevin Doran and Timothy Stanley explains why Hollywood is turning back to God. Madeleine Teahan reveals Pope Francis’s unlikely celebrity fans, Will Heaven advises Pope Francis’s critics and Stuart Reid explains why he is making a Left turn.

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Print edition: May 30, 2014

Our edition this week brings you in-depth coverage of the Pope’s visit to the Holy Land including eye witness accounts from Madeleine Teahan and Jill, Duchess of Hamilton.

We also have an exclusive interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider, who has some reassuring words on the future of the Church. Laura Keynes writes about the courageous Catholics who face intimidation online and Quentin de la Bédoyère reveals Pope Francis’s big problem. Meanwhile Nick Thomas names the monster which Nigel Farage has slain, Mary Kenny explains why we must weigh up our words when discussing abuse and Melanie McDonagh laments the decline in good behaviour now commonplace during Mass. Also Fr Raymond de Souza brings you the latest on the drive to exclude pro-life candidates from public life in Canada.

Print Edition: May 23, 2014

In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald there is an extensive preview of Pope Francis’s trip the Holy Land. There are also reports on how attacks on Christians in Europe are on the rise and on the appointment of Bishop Ralph Heskett as the new Bishop of Hallam.

Elsewhere in the paper, Catholic writer Piers Paul Read discusses his formative years as a Marxist in an interview by Luke O’Sullivan, while Sophie Caldecott explains how a group of Hollywood superheroes have helped her family. Julius Boniface Okuni says Pope Francis is perplexing the African faithful and Ryan Service offers a guide to the good and bad points of parish fetes. And Nigel Pickford looks back on a 17th century row between journalists that sparked some of the largest anti-Catholic protests London has ever seen.

In arts and books, Will Gore reviews Fading Gigolo, a new film starring Woody Allen, and John Hinton considers the young Winston Churchill in his review of Jonathan Rose’s book, The Literary Churchill.

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Print Edition: May 16, 2014

In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald there is an extensive report on the announcement that Paul VI will be beatified in October. There is also news on the first Oratorian to be ordained bishop in 140 years and Pope Francis urging the UN to resist ‘the culture of death’ in reference to abortion.

Elsewhere in the paper we have an extract from a new book by Roger Scruton that asks whether Darwin can tell us anything more than Freud can about faith and Tim Stanley reports back from Israel ahead of the Pope’s visit to the Holy Land. There is also a look ahead to the Champions League Final as DJ Kearney assesses the influence of the English Church on football in Madrid and in our Comment section Nina Shea says action is being taken to help Christians in the Middle East.

In arts and books, Quentin Falk reviews the new blockbuster version of Godzilla while Jonathan Wright casts his critical eye over Terry Eagleton’s Culture and the Death of God.

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Print Edition: 9 May 2014

This week we report on Archbishop Mennini’s call for strong resistance to the introduction of assisted suicide in the UK and we remember Fr Mark Elvins, the well-known Catholic author, who passed away on May 1.

We also bring you an exclusive piece, where we ask Bishop Philip Egan, Fr Tim Finnigan, Dr Joseph Shaw, Mac McLernon and Elizabeth Scalia: “What’s the point of Catholic blogging?” Meanwhile, Joseph Seferta explains how to unite the Eastern and Western Church, Fr Alexander-Lucie Smith reveals how long Mass should last and Stuart Reid pleads for no more GK Chesterton. Will Heaven also exposes the heroic husband behind war-time prime minister, Winston Churchill and Lord Deben tells us why Pope Francis’s next encyclical will unsettle us all.

Print edition: May 2 2014

This week we bring you exclusive eye-witness accounts of the papal canonisations from Sky broadcast journalist Colin Brazier, Dame Joanna Bogle and Jo-Anne Rowney. We also include full reports on the ceremony itself and Pope Francis’s homily along with a brilliant canonisation cartoon from cartoonist and author, Simone Lia. We also have in-depth coverage on the new Archbishop of Liverpool and his sermon at his installation Mass on the Feast Day of St Joseph the Worker.

Alicia von Stamwitz interviews theologian Jean Vanier and Robin Harris explains why the Church can’t resist the whims of modernity by itself. Also, Fr David Forrester asks if Isabella the Catholic was really a saint and Quentin de la Bédoyère exposes the sadism in practical jokes.