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Saint Of The Week

The saint who came from a family of martyrs

The king initially resisted executing Andrew on account of his bright personality

Saint of the week

St Andrew Kim Taegon (September 20) was the first Korean Catholic priest

The saint who spent two years continually standing

A detail from an icon of St John Chrysostom surrounded by scenes from his life

Saint of the week

St John Chrysostom (September 13) preached for a decade from Antioch’s cathedral, the Golden Church

The saint who tried (and failed) to live in obscurity

A sculpture showing monks bearing St Cuthbert's coffin

Saint of the week

St Cuthbert retired to an island and would only open his window to give blessings

The saint who preached a Second Crusade

‘The Vision of St Bernard’ by Fra Bartolommeo, c. 1504

Saint of the week

St Bernard (August 20) was reputed for defending the rights of the Church against the encroachments of kings

The saint whose hair was cut by St Francis of Assisi

St Clare, drawn by Simone Martini in 1320, from a fresco in the Lower Basilica of St Francis in Assisi

Saint of the week

St Clare (August 11) was one of the ‘Poor Ladies’

The saint who helped fight loan sharks

Argentine Catholics carry images of St Cajetan, patron of the unemployed and job seekers (CNS)

Saint of the week

St Cajetan (August 7) received a doctorate in civil and canon law by the age of 24

The saint who had an intense devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

The tomb of St Peter Julian Eymard. His body remains incorrupt

Saint of the week

St Peter Julian Eymard (August 2) entered the novitiate of Oblates of Mary Immaculate, despite his father’s opposition

The saint who unmarried women pray to

St Anne holds grapes in the St Anne Altarpiece by Quentin Massys in Brussels

Saint of the week

A church was built in St Anne’s (July 26) honour in Jerusalem

The saint with an unusual family life

St Camillus, patron saint of the sick, depicted with Christ

Saint of the week

St Camillus de Lellis (July 14) was prone to aggression and gambling as a young man

The saint who preached until death

St John professed his vows in Pontoise, a commune in the northwestern suburbs of Paris

Saint of the week

Saint John Jones of Wales (July 12) was tried for high treason and sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered.