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Spiritual Life

Saint Of The Week

The saint who believed he was ‘a plague-spot in soul and body’

His sermons dwelled on the gloomier aspects of the faith

Saint of the week

St Vincent Ferrer (April 5) believed that Jews should be rooted out of Spain. His anti-Semitic sermons sparked riots that killed thousands

The priest who saw no need for a bed

A statue of St Joseph, who lived on bread, water and the odd sardine

Saint of the week

St Joseph Oriol (March 23) sought obscurity and self-abnegation but ended up being celebrated throughout Barcelona

The carpenter who kept hundreds of fugitive Catholics alive

Coughton Court, where St Nicholas built a priest hole

Saint of the week

St Nicholas Owen (March 22) was tortured horribly but did not give up any compromising information

The fourth century’s most holy family

St Gregory at first resisted the call to religion

Saint of the week

St Gregory of Nyssa (March 9) had nine siblings, and four of them have been declared saints

How religious ecstasy and a narrow escape from death led to a life devoted to the sick

St John was carted off to the local asylum after experiencing religious ecstasy

Saint of the week

St John of God, March 8

The strict Passionist once known as ‘the dancer’

As a young man St Gabriel loved dolling himself up for parties

Saint of the week

St Gabriel Possenti (February 27)

The painter who would not pick up a brush without first saying a prayer

A painting believed to be a self-portrait by the Fra Angelico

Saint of the week

Fra Angelico (February 18) believed it was impossible to create a Christian image without living a Christian life

The pope who told an emperor his mind was coarse

St Gregory told the Byzantine Emperor that his mind was ‘coarse’

Saint of the week

St Gregory II (February 11) was a treasurer, librarian and theological adviser before becoming pope

The brilliant Ecuadorian teacher who was too modest for Paris

The cathedral in Cuena, the Ecuadorian city where St Miguel was born

Saint of the week

St Miguel Cordero (February 9), born with crippled legs, wrote his country’s standard Spanish grammar textbook aged 19

The ‘dumb ox’ who became the greatest of the medieval Doctors of the Church

St Thomas was capable of dictating to four secretaries at the same time

Saint of the week

St Thomas Aquinas (January 28) was an unrivalled theologian who used scientific rationalism to support the doctrines of Christian faith and revelation