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Spiritual Life

Saint Of The Week

The Maid of Orleans who tried to rescue France

A statue of Joan of Arc in Paris (Photo: Press Association)

Saint of the week Spiritual Life

After being captured by the English, Joan of Arc suffered more from being denied the sacraments than from physical privations

The baker murdered by his apprentice

Rochester cathedral, where St William’s cult flourished

Saint of the week

St William of Perth (May 23) had taken in an abandoned child and taught him the arts of bakery

The monk who softened St Augustine’s teaching on grace

The fortress on Île Saint-Honorat, where St Vincent became a monk

Saint of the week

St Vincent de Lérins (May 14) tried to find a middle way between Augustine and the Pelagians

The priest who saved boys from a life of crime and girls from prostitution

The Sisters of the Immaculate Conception flourished in Genoa          (PA)

Saint of the week

St Agostino Roscelli (May 7) insisted he was merely a ‘poor priest’. John Paul II thought otherwise

The holy pope who lived on vegetable broth and crayfish

Pope St Pius V set up interest-free loan banks for the poor

Saint of the week

St Pius V (April 30), who excommunicated Queen Elizabeth, continued to live as a monk even after he became pope

The priest who changed the way we treat the mentally ill

St Benedict Menni founded 17 psychiatric hospitals in Spain

Saint of the week

St Benedict Menni (April 24) gave his life to outcasts in an era of anti-clericalism

A perpetual pilgrim who abandoned himself to the life of a derelict

Saint of the week

St Benoît-Joseph Labre (April 16) has been called the representative of those who in the name of Christ refuse to be respectable

The bishop hacked to death by his own king

The tomb of St Stanislaus in Wawel Cathedral, Kraków

Saint of the week

St Stanislaus (April 11)

The patron saint of footballers who worked tirelessly for the poor

Saint of the week

St Luigi Scrosoppi (April 3) founded the Sisters of Providence, opening 12 houses before he died

The abbot who believed that guilt and fear were essential for spiritual growth

An icon depicting the Ladder of Divine Ascent of St John Climacus

Saint of the week

St John Climacus (March 30) wrote The Ladder of Divine Ascent, one of the most important devotional texts of the Middle Ages