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Saint Of The Week

St Paulinus, the ‘awe-inspiring’ priest who helped convert an English king

Saint of the week

St Paulinus of York (October 10) was sent to England by Pope Gregory in 1601

The French ecclesiastic who met a barbaric end

Fécamp Abbey, where St Leger spent his final days

Saint of the week

St Leger (October 2) was fatally drawn into the power struggles of Merovingian France

‘We have heard that the English wish to be converted’

Canterbury, where Honorius died

Saint of the week

St Homorius (September 30), the fifth Archbishop of Canterbury, was a key figure in the establishment of Christianity in England

The saint who only slept three hours a night

St Alphonsus was born in the province of Toledo, above

Saint of the week

The Virgin Mary appeared in a dream and said just one word to Alphonsus de Orozco (1500-1591): “Write” 

The pope who allowed backsliders back into the fold

Civitavecchia, where St Cornelius was imprisoned

Saint of the week

St Cornelius, pope from 251 to 253, was martyred by Emperor Gallus

St Omer, September 9, patron of the blind

Modern-day St Omer

Saint of the week

A town named after St Omer, in the Pas-de-Calais, played a crucial role in educating English Catholics

The Lancashire priest executed for his zeal

St Edmund’s remains were displayed on Lancaster Castle

Saint of the week

St Edmund Arrowsmith (August 28) was hanged, drawn and quartered and his head set upon a pike

The English martyr hanged at the age of 80

A portrait of St John Kemble

Saint of the week

St John Kemble (August 22), a much-loved Catholic priest whose execution was horribly botched

The king who stamped out paganism in Hungary

Saint of the week

St Stephen of Hungary (August 16) was humble, and worked for the poor – yet did not always turn the other cheek

St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (August 9)

St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (August 9)

Saint of the week

Edith Stein, Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, was killed in Auschwitz