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Saint Of The Week

The saint who was known as the Apostle of the North

Saint of the week

St Ansgar (February 3) saw a vision of his mother in heaven with the Virgin Mary

The saint who dyed her hair in soot

St Angela’s life was shaped by dramatic visions, including one of her sister in heaven

Saint of the week

St Angela Merici (January 27) was beatified in 1768

The saint who was popular with soldiers and athletes

St Sebastian Thrown into the Cloaca Maxima (1612) by Lodovico Carracci

Saint of the week

St Sebastian (January 20) was captain in the Praetorian Guard

The saint who was the first to go into the wilderness

St Anthony the Great was tempted by boredom, laziness and phantom women in the desert

Saint of the week

St Anthony the Great (January 17) was one of the most influential people in the early Church

The saint who was twice appointed Archbishop of Canterbury

A group of Berbers - St Adrian was a member of the same ethnic group

Saint of the week

St Adrian of Canterbury (January 9) travelled across Britain, teaching Christianity, art, literature and astronomy as he went

The 20-year-old beheaded after being denounced by her fiancée

St Lucy holds her eyes in this painting by early Renaissance artist Francesco del Cossa

Saint of the week

St Lucy (December 13), a martyr of the Diocletian persecution, was one of the most well-known saints in early modern England

The saint who reinvigorated the Church in the 17th century

St Peter revitalised a Church that had grown lazy in bringing the faith to people

Saint of the week

St Peter Canisius (December 21) was one of the most important Jesuits of his time

The saint known as the ‘golden speaker’

An icon of St John of Damascus, who was a vigorous opponent of the iconoclasts

Saint of the week

St John of Damascus (December 4) was declared a Doctor of the Church by Leo XIII in 1883

The saint who is venerated by both Catholics and the Orthodox

A detail from the Mystic Marriage of St Catherine of Alexandria and St Catherine of Siena by the Italian Renaissance painter of the Milanese school Ambrogio Bergognone

Saint of the week

St Catherine of Alexandria (November 25) is also known as St Catherine of the Wheel

The saint who promoted charity, culture and religious reform

Dunfermline was once an important pilgrimage centre for devotees of St Margaret of Scotland

Saint of the week

St Margaret of Scotland (November 16) was canonised in 1250 and her remains were moved to Dunfermline Abbey