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Saint Of The Week

The servant-saint who was held up as an example by her masters

The body of St Zita lies in the Basilica of San Frediano in Lucca, Italy

Saint of the week

The body of St Zita (Aprl 27) is paraded through the streets of Lucca every year

St George: the soldier-saint of which little is known for sure

A detail from a modern icon depicting St George

Saint of the week

St George (April 23) is patron saint not only of England, but also Russia, Palestine, Greece and Catalonia

The saint who grew up in poverty and saw the Virgin Mary

St Bernadette grew up uneducated, undernourished and asthmatic

Saint of the week

St Bernadette (April 16) lived a humble life of deep Catholic devotion

The saint who showed a revolutionary fervour for educating the poor

Relics of St Jean-Baptiste de La Salle in the chapel of the Generalate of his order in Rome

Saint of the week

Jean-Baptiste de la Salle (April 7) was the founder of the Institute for the Brothers of the Christian Schools

The saint who wrote The Ladder of Divine Ascent

A detail from an icon depicting the Ladder of St John Climacus

Saint of the week

St John of Climacus (March 20) was responsible for one of the most important devotional texts of the Middle Ages

The bishop who converted East Anglia

East Anglia

Saint of the week

St Felix (March 8) reaped a ‘rich harvest of believers’, according to Bede

The saint who would interrupt Mass with a public confession of her wickedness

St Margaret of Cortona hired a woman to lead her around Montepulciano 
with a rope around her neck, crying out: ‘Look at Margaret, the sinner’

Saint of the week

St Margaret of Cortona (February 22) lived as a mistress to a nobleman for nine years

The hermit who informed an English king that he would soon die

Forde Abbey, near Chard, in Somerset, where the Abbot John wrote a memoir of St Wulfric

Saint of the week

St Wulfric’s (February 20) reputation for prophecy and miracles earned him visits from royalty

The former child slave who served as a Sister for 50 years

St Josephine was treated as a slave for years, but insisted: ‘My life is good’

Saint of the week

St Josephine Bakhita (February 8) said if she met her torturers she would kiss their hands for helping her to find Christ

The hermit who lived with snakes

A statue of St Verdiana in a convent in Montaione, Italy

Saint of the week

St Verdiana (February 1) gave away all her uncle’s beans to the poor