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The plea from Ireland’s four archbishops comes ahead of Friday’s general election

The pro-immigration pope makes a perfect foil to the nativist politician

Legislation would have liberalised law in case of fatal abnormalities, rape and incest

The ‘We Trust Women’ campaign was launched yesterday

Planned Parenthood cleared of wrongdoing but pro-life activist charged with tampering with a governmental record

The annual march gives American Catholics a wonderful opportunity to promote a culture of life

The State of Abortion in America report has been published by the National Right to Life Committee

Cardinal Dolan has called on the US faithful to participate in a ‘9 Days for Life’ campaign

The start of the year is a good opportunity to take stock of our faith

My burden lifted forever

As I prepared to make my first Confession in more than 20 years, I wondered if my sin was too great to be forgiven