Sat 1st Nov 2014 | Last updated: Fri 31st Oct 2014 at 16:19pm

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Topic: abortion

Cuddly Claire Rayner believed it was selfish to have children with Down’s Syndrome

As the mother of a girl with Down’s Syndrome, I disagree

Good news for every blob of cells that wants to grow into a human

Stem-cell researchers achieve a breakthrough, while Woman’s Hour hosts a head-to-head debate on abortion

Threat to conscience rights thrown out by Council of Europe

Members roundly rejected a resolution to strip doctors of their rights to opt out of abortions

New move to restrict rights of conscience

Europe’s leading human rights group considers moves to stop doctors refusing to be involved in abortions

Morning Catholic must-reads: 21/07/10

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

A Londoner with the gift of the gab

The new Archbishop of Southwark talks to Anna Arco about secularism, assisted suicide and returning to his home diocese