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Judges threw out the appeal by a slim majority of three to two

More than 140 women pregnant with twins, triplets or quadruplets chose to abort at least one baby in 2016

Nigel Biggar has said: ‘It’s not clear that a human foetus is the same kind of thing as an adult’

Unborn babies were more likely to turn their heads in response to face-like shapes

The demonstration was briefly disrupted by pro-abortion protesters, but the marchers were soon able to continue

The threat of violence couldn’t stop us from celebrating life and bearing witness

Just one in a hundred said they would like to see the present limit of 24 weeks extended up to birth

Tim Farron had previously said abortions were too widely available and called for restrictions

The party had pledged to legalise the practice in the province without mentioning the Northern Ireland Assembly

The party has yet to clarify whether it would implement the change during a period of direct rule, or whether it would impose it on a sitting Northern Ireland Assembly