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‘Abortion Matters’ is for anyone who is open to a proper and honest debate

They accused Ealing Council of violating basic rights to free speech, prayer, and free assembly

Alina Dugheriu, who was helped by a pro-life vigil, said she did not want women to have ‘vital support’ removed

Ireland could end up with one of the most extreme abortion regimes in the world, campaigners warned

Nobody supported me in my pregnancy. Then I was thrown a lifeline

Yesterday’s decision is a clear violation of civil liberties, and there is a dreadful irony at its heart

The move was opposed by mothers who kept their babies after receiving help from the vigils

Speakers told a conference on Humanae Vitae of the need to evangelise society through the teaching of the Catholic Church

The mothers, who were helped by pro-life vigils, say they have been ignored by Ealing Council

Despite the entire political class pushing for abortion, the polls are surprisingly close