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Cardinal Raymond Burke says it’s a ‘beacon of light’ in a society confused about fundamental truths

Cardinal Timothy Dolan called for legislation to ensure healthcare workers won’t be ‘forced to help destroy unborn children’

Rival demonstrations have taken place at Planned Parenthood centres across America

The charter aims to provide a thorough summary of the Church’s position on affirming the absolute value of life

The New York State Catholic Conference said Gov Andrew Cuomo’s proposal will fail

Mike Pence addressed crowds at the rally at the National Mall

The author discusses faith at university, friendships with atheists, and the old Mass and the new

The Church has always taught that moral absolutes are necessary to the formation of conscience

‘We were prepared for confrontation and instead were supported by so many women,’ Texas pro-life group said after the march

The policy also prohibits taxpayer funding for groups that lobby to legalise abortion or promote it as a family planning method