Sun 26th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Fri 24th Oct 2014 at 18:39pm

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Topic: al-Qaeda

After the latest terrorist outrage, the international community must wake up and help the Kenyan people

The recent attack on the Jesus Joy Church, which left at least six people dead, is thought to be the work of Al-Shabaab

Britain could save Middle Eastern Christians. It just doesn’t want to

Our Government’s indifference to Syria makes it the most anti-Christian Government to date

Who will join Pope Francis in standing up for Syria’s Christians?

We must demand that our moralising, ineffectual political leaders take action

Morning Catholic must-reads: 12/09/13

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Rowan Williams is wrong. If Christians in Britain face persecution, they should not be afraid to complain

Lord Williams’s comments highlight how Christians are on the back foot in this country

Italian Jesuit priest may have been kidnapped in Syria

Foreign Minister says “it seems Father Dall’Oglio has been kidnapped by an Islamist group”

We must ask for ‘the grace of shame’, Pope tells fellow Jesuits

Holy Father celebrates Mass at the Church of the Gesù in Rome on feast of St Ignatius

We have betrayed Iraqi Christians twice

On the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War Mardean Isaac says western states are forcing Iraqi Christians to return home

Is Homeland anti-Christian?

The terrorist drama is excellent television but its world view is bizarre

Al-Qaeda official said Catholics in Ireland were ‘fertile ground’ for conversion

Suggestion to target Catholics contained in a letter to Osama bin Laden