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Fr Stefano Nastasi describes shock at seeing bodies of the victims on pier

Apostleship of the Sea to raise concerns with British Home Office

Apostleship of the Sea try to make a difference to lives of seafarers

Chaplain Fr Mallena, 70, prayed in the chapel and then rushed to save the Holy Eucharist and crew members’ valuables

Cardinal O’Brien meets mainly Filipino crews on container ships resting at the port

Apostleship celebrates 90 years

Apostleship of the Sea celebrates its 90th anniversary

Apostleship of the Sea organises awareness day at Westminster Cathedral to promote its cruise chaplaincy programme

Riders raise funds for AoS

Cyclists hope to raise £100,000 for seafaring charity Apostleship of the Sea

On the eve of Sea Sunday Martin Foley hails the faith and fortitude of the world’s seafarers

Martin Foley is the new director of Apostleship of the Sea