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Cardinal Nichols and Archbishop Welby at Vespers (Mazur/

The Archbishop of Canterbury joined Cardinal Vincent Nichols for the closing of the Door of Mercy at Westminster Cathedral

Archbishop Welby with Pope Francis (AP)

The archbishop was asked by a child who would win if Pope Francis went head to head with him

Pope Francis exchanging gifts with the Archbishop of Canterbury  in 2013 (AP)

The chance of a fixed date being agreed for Easter is close to zero

Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster has expressed his opposition to Lord Falconer's Assisted Dying Bill

Cardinal Nichols and other religious leaders have spoken out

Lord Williams of Oystermouth, former Archbishop of Canterbury (Photo: PA)

If we really have to have an established Church, its head needs to take the defence of basic Christianity quite seriously

Archbishop Welby has also condemned Pakistan's blasphemy laws (CNS)

Archbishop Welby said those killed in Peshawar on Sunday were attacked for their faith

Archbishop of Canterbury speculation