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The flag-draped coffin of former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos is seen atop a military hearse in Manila (CNS)

Protesters were angered that former President Ferdinand Marcos was was buried in a heroes’ cemetery

Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, popularly known as "Ahok" (AP)

The Islamic Defenders Front is demanding the arrest of Jakarta’s Christian governor

Indonesians shout slogans as they call for unity at a rally on November 19 (AP)

The rally called for unity after the city’s popular Christian governor was named a suspect in a blasphemy investigation

Hundreds of thousands of people attend a rally in Seoul on November 12 (AP)

At least 10 dioceses have called for the president’s resignation

Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung ordains priests at a gymnasium in Seoul (AP)

The Vatican wants the Korean Church to evangelise the rest of Asia. That could be only the beginning

Cardinal Zen (AP)

If the Church in China accept state-appointed bishops, it would damage the Church and confuse the faithful

A 2011 demonstration in which protestors demanded justice for the murder of Fausto Tentorio (AP)

As yet, no one has been charged for the murder of Father Fausto Tentori in 2011 despite there being several witnesses

An episcopal ordination in Xuzhou, China (AP)

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Members of the French Council of the Muslim Faith 'will visit the Vatican on November 3' (AP)

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People pray during a 2013 Mass in Qingdao, China (CNS)

According to the Holy Spirit Study Centre of Hong Kong’s Catholic diocese, the rules would tighten controls of foreign clergy and religious material on the internet