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The bishop, who was defended by Cardinal Godfried Danneels in a previous case, faces new accusations

The group disrupted the ecumenical service by reciting the rosary out loud

Vatican officials want to hear in person why Brothers of Charity board members insist on allowing the euthanasia

The board which runs our hospitals say that euthanasia can be compassionate. Their arguments are both false and arrogant

The hospital group that bears the Brothers’ name has said it will continue offering euthanasia

It may be messy, but Rome has to respond to the Brothers’ outrageous stance on euthanasia

The group has refused to reverse its decision to allow euthanasia in its hospitals

Herman van Rompuy implied the Pope should stay out of the Brothers of Charity controversy

The group face sanctions if they do not stop the practice by the end of the month

The bishops said euthanasia ‘attacked the very foundations of our civilisation’