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The Pope will also chair World Youth Day during his five-day visit to Poland

The Jesuit priest has been general director of Vatican Radio since 2005

‘The movie shows how the instinct to protect a reputation was completely wrong,’ says former chief prosecutor of clerical sex abuse cases

A professor at St Andrews University has invited the Pope to sign an inter-faith declaration against extremism

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The way Vatican news is reported in the mainstream media has changed drastically since the arrival of Francis

Vatican II was intended as a call to unity and evangelism, but its legacy has been an escalation of intra-Catholic wars. It is time to embrace John XXIII’s original vision

Two journalists and a monsignor among those charged after leaks lead to accusations of financial malpractice in the Vatican

Books by Gianluigi Nuzzi and Emiliano Fittipaldi claim to reveal financial mismanagement by the Vatican hierarchy