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Cardinal Roger Etchegaray fell while greeting Pope Francis at the end of Mass on Sunday

The pectoral cross was stolen from the home of the US bishop on Saturday

For good reason, commentators on the Catholic Left could hardly contain their excitement at the papal visit

We republish the following blog, originally published on September 20, 2010, to mark the fifth anniversary of Benedict’s papal visit to Britain

Benedict XVI focused his homily on the importance of finding ‘truth, love and goodness’ in God

The French novelist’s vision chimes, in some ways, with Benedict XVI’s analysis of individualism and consumerism

Every time the ‘Kasper proposal’ has been rejected, Pope Francis has kept the discussion going

The Catholic Truth Society has seen a rapid rise in sales of Pope Francis’ document this summer

This sort of thing used to happen all the time: are we now to expect a renewal of the Tablet’s old anti-traditionalist hostility?

Cardinal William Baum was archbishop of Washington from 1973 to 1980 and was a cardinal for 39 years