Sun 19th Oct 2014 | Last updated: Sun 19th Oct 2014 at 21:53pm

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Topic: Blessed John Henry Newman

Cardinal Kasper: majority of the synod fathers now support Communion for remarried

Cardinal Kasper says Pope thinks ‘great majority’ of Catholics support a ‘responsible opening’

We should pray that Newman will be declared a saint and Doctor of the Church

Newman attracted others to the faith through his apostolate of friendship

Book review: Newman is a sure guide to life after Vatican II

He had no time for liberalism, but would have spurned the SSPX

Religious liberalism is dead: it’s time to give it a decent burial

Faced with the drama of sin and death, the ‘Church of Nice’ simply doesn’t cut it

We need to pray for another Fulton Sheen

The case of Archbishop Sheen is especially significant for our times

What now is the future for the English episcopate? Just when things weren’t looking too hopeful, we get another Ratzingerian appointment. What’s going on?

Is Fr Robert Byrne’s appointment a sign of things to come? How many more orthodox bishops can we now expect?

Pope appoints first Oratorian bishop in England for 140 years

Fr Robert Byrne will serve as an auxiliary bishop in Birmingham

The Holy Father is ‘consulting the faithful’ in preparation for next year’s synod on the family. But as Newman explained, ‘consulting’ them isn’t asking their advice

Conservatives are suspicious of, liberals excited by, the consultation of the laity on church teachings on contraception, same-sex marriage and divorce. But the teachings won’t change

Moving to a smaller house means shedding books: but a man’s library is a history of his mind: should I, for instance, throw out Why I Am Not a Christian?

This really was what at one time I would have called ‘my bible’: seeing that Bertrand Russell was just wrong wasn’t easy

Ordinariate unveils new Mass text that draws on Cranmer

Mass featuring new liturgy celebrated at the church of Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory