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Mass featuring new liturgy celebrated at the church of Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory

Pope Francis is sometimes unnerving. But he is after all the Pope, the Vicar of Christ. To some Catholics who claim to defend orthodox belief that means nothing

Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster says ‘Peter will be sorely missed’

This is a great day, not simply for the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary and for the Ordinariate, but for the whole English Church

Archbishop Bernard Longley has a strong devotion to the Italian priest who received Blessed John Henry Newman into the Church

Both Sophie and her fellow German Joseph Ratzinger were inspired by Newman’s writings on conscience

The sisters will be received into the Ordinariate; their avoidable expulsion from their convent has been a heavy price to pay

Catholics, said Newman, are bound by the Pope’s formal teaching. If you don’t accept that, why do you stay?

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