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Many pregnant women change their minds about having an abortion. But somehow their stories are ignored

Inquiry finds that doctors who conscientiously object to abortion are denied career choices

A former Planned Parenthood employee has written a devastating account of her time working for the abortion provider

The number of repeat abortions in England and Wales in 2015 went up to 70,294 in total

The RCM’s new policy on abortion was formally announced in a statement published last week

The 1980 law was insanely cruel. Now it turns out to have been unnecessary

The ‘We Trust Women’ campaign was launched yesterday

A pilot-scheme due to be launched in schools in south London has been criticised by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service

Politicians and lobbyists claim that more sex education is the answer to almost every problem in our schools. Here’s why they are wrong

The Trades Union Congress sent an email to MPs to ask them to oppose an amendment to the Serious Crime Bill today